New Trait: You Know Nothing

You Know Nothing is a character trait for Bastards in any Game of Thrones based game.

You Know Nothing: You were castle-born and raised but think that you had it rough because you saw your noble siblings doted upon and handed titles, land and station. Poor City-born, peasants and villagers can teach you what rough really is.

How would someone play this? Isn’t the trait Naïve or Coddled or Favored? And this is just world’s reaction to that naivety?

I can see a specific trait for thinking you’ve had a tough life when you’ve been comparatively fortunate. Kind of naive-coddled.

Also, no reason to restrict it to bastards. All kinds of lower nobility fallen on very slightly hard times could qualify. Forced to make do with only a dozen servants due to penury? Barbarous!

I’m with you in that I can see any noble-born character having this Trait. To me, it was more about the nobility and the ways of the Seven Kingdoms vs. the ways of the other people of Westeros (commoners and outsiders. Perhaps even those from across the Narrow Sea).

Regarding Luke’s comment, could someone play this as a “get my character into trouble Trait?” Could the game master invoke it when establishing failure consequences?

Isn’t your coddled upbringing already indelibly shown by your “Mark of Privelige”?

I mean, as much as you grumble and groan, Bitter as you are about your siblings, you can’t pretend you’re not well off (or, at least, you’re at +1Ob to be convincing)

Not really. Mark of Privilege is about being a noble in a way that’s hard to hide even if you want to; it says nothing about being coddled or tough, worldly or provincial. A twelfth son of a minor baron who joined the army young and has become hard-bitten veteran who’s seen war on three continents and speaks a half-dozen languages still has Mark of Privilege, but he’s no whiner and probably knows a whole lot about a whole lot.

Ah, I didn’t exactly mean what I said, I’d meant that the fact you can’t convince others you were hard-done by is so shown.

My blink-and-you-miss-it “Bitter” was the part which helped tie it in. A Bastard’s trait which would make them claim to be hard-done by (in my eyes). Its interaction with MofP means you just cannot be believed, it’s obvious from how you act that you didn’t have it hard.