New year, new mission


i posted a big thread about the last year of my mouse guard game but accidently deleted all the text so i will just post the stuff about the new year and the first mission again…

The theme of the last year was rebuilding, for the new year will be about strife and discord.

The patrol consists of

Josephine, leader and basicly Saxon in her beliefs (but more considerate of her patrolmates in her playing)
Stuart, freshly promoted tenderpaw. Stuart got from being a afraid Spurcetruck nerd to an active member of the patrol and is now struggling whether he should follow the path of Sword and Shield or the Path of Knowledge and Science. His Belief is about being a SaS mouse, the player want’s him to be more sciency.
Henry, also promoted Tenderpaw is a compasionate rangermouse with a Belief of “Better safe then sorry”. He is not as strong in his characterisation as the other two.

Fun fact: Josephine and Stuart are pregens mice that i made for the two newbie players but they want to continue playing them and do better then Henrys player that plays for quite soem time (but not mouse guard)

In the last year i hadn’t had any talky conflict so i want to challenge them with this.

Here is the mission briefing:

This is Mathew, he failed his tenderpaw training and requested to leave us. You will escort him back to Barkstone and blaze a new trail for this year. From Barkstone you will head to Pebblebrock and await a shipment of Scent Border formula and then pour the border from the north until you meet up with the south team later in spring.

The mission uses Wilderness and Mice obstacles

The wilderness obstacle is an Ob 6 Pathfind that can fail into a weather twist (normaly Snow if not weatherwatched) and then we will have a health or survival test. The health test will fail into in a condition matching the weather.
Should they go for survival Ob 4 they can fail into a Marten encounter. If a player has a goal about protecting Mathew then this will be a conflict, if not then a simple Fighter/Hunter vs. Nature test.

The mice obstacle starts in Barkstone.
In the last fall a mine between Pebblebrock and Barkstone collapsed, killing may a mice of both towns. The Barkstone mice blame the Pebblebrock mice and the other way around. The Patrician of Barkstone is son to Pebblebrock mice that came to BS.
A mob of mice is rioting in the streets, blaming the patrician for not taking action and staying silent on the issue while they are out for blood.
The leader of the mob is Stuarts Sister Martha (she is also his enemy). She starts an Oratory conflict with the patrol. (if Stuart is clever he can manuveur her into a persuader conflict but he has to figure this out himself)
Her goal: You as the Guard and the keeper of peace should execute this traitor and help us against these Pebblebrock mice.

This will be a conflict they won’t want to loose. Then we will get into the player turn.

I will challenge Henrys belief with Mathew. He will be a total coward, putting “better safe then sorry” to it’s maximum and see how he reacts to this. I will challenge Stuart with his sister and see how he reacts to her (she left the family for a no-good mice)

After this mission they have a few things they can do. Attack PB, check out the mine, hurry to PB to warn them - it will be up to them. I hope they go to the mine and i can make a little dungeon crawl Mouse Guard style (taking quoes from Thelons Rift)


I like the mine thing. I think I’ll take it… or something of a similar theme.

I just realised a group of mice can’t kill a marten. I have to make it a Ground Squirrel then…
Way more scary :o



we now finished the arc that started with this mission. A short summary:

The patrol went to barkstone and suffered hard in snow (Stuart’s Nature was taxed to 0 and his new aquired clever trait got turned to paranoid, good stuff) but they succeeded quite well in dealing with the angry mob. I only got a small compromise out of them and the leader of the angry mob was put out of office. For the compromise i got a small group of mice that still was out for blood. That became the hook for the second mission.
I tried something different this game and went with a Mice, Mice obstacle (because i really couldn’t figure something out). Josephine got attacked late at night but failed to overpower her 3 attackers and was knocked out and brought out of town. Stuart and Henry went out to look for her on the next day but couldn’t find anything - they then went to the patrician of Barkstone to figure out what the whole problem was actually about.
Meanwhile Josephine found herself inan underground tunnel and wandered arround, looking for an escape. On her way she walked right into a racoon and decided to charge the beast.
The two young guardmice talked their way past the Guard and found the patrician sitting at his breakfast. Just as they wanted to introduce themselfes a brick was thrown through a window and two brothers armed with knifes jumped into the room, warning the group that a group of mice was gathering to attack the home of their leader.
Josephine threw a lot of artha and her level 3 trait into her dispo roll and we started with 15 for the raccoon and 14 for the lone guardmice. An epic 5 or 6 round battle acoured and in the end the raccoon won and throw Josephine into a thornhedge and walked away, unwilling to continue the chase. The thorns hurt Josephine strongly and she had cuts all over her body and a deep one on her side. Her player spend 4 persona and like 5 fate on this conflict and was empty after that.
Stuart, Henry and the patricians staff barricaded the whole building and did hide the ruler in the cellar. Henry then went on the balcony and made a strong (untrained) speech to the Barkstone mice and convinced them that rage and revenge where not the right tool to use.
I then open up the player turn. Checks where as follows:
J: 6
H: 5
S: 1

after a bit of (partly failed) recovery and a good talk between Henry and his sister Martha Josephine took the patrol out in the wilderness to find a young fox to tame. They followed foxtrails but walked straight into an adult fox. Not willing to attack this the patrol splited to search for the burrow and was quickly spotted by the fox. There was only one thing to do. RUN!
The patrol then cooked up some berrys they searched for on their way to get rid of hungry and Josephine finally found a good night of sleep.

They now want to make their way to Pebblebrock. It is there mission afterall and the Ex-Tenderpaw Mathew that they escorted to Barkstone asked them if he could come with them since there is no place for him in Pebblebrock. Mathew is heavily based on Samwell Tarley of the Song of Ice and Fire books.
About this mission i will post in a new threat.