Newbie lifepath question

Also, a slightly dumb one, if you’ll indluge me.

Do all of the BORN lifepaths have the word “Born” in them? I guess I’m thinking of the “Son of a Gun” lifepath.

No, but most (all?), like Son of a Gun, say that they are a Born lifepath.


The only reason that I would guess that Son of a Gun is a BORN lifepath is that it takes 12 years and your say so. I guess that’s the only lifepath I would like some clarification on.

In the instance of Son of a Gun, it’s a parenthetical notation in the Skills section. In the Magic Burner, Gifted Child, it is listed in the Requirements.

Son of a Gun refers to a child born aboard a ship and cradled between the guns. Despite what Snopes might have to say about it.

Son of a Gun is a born LP, but the note is missing in BE. Something for the next reprint, I guess.

Oh, this is a BE thread. Now everything makes sense.