Newbie Question About Dwarven Oaths

I understand that all Dwarfs start with a fourth Belief (Oath), but I’m curious about what happens when that Oath becomes fulfilled in play. Do they replace it with another Oath? Do they keep that fourth Belief slot open for when they’re ready to take on another Oath? Or does that Belief slot go away and they now have only three Beliefs moving forward?

Hmm… The Fourth Belief on page 81 of the Codex has some useful thoughts, maybe. I’d say to generally keep it open with an eye toward taking on another oath; they’re fun.

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I would imagine that they would get a persona point for fulfilling it. They could then take a new oath or rewrite the old one taking into account how things had been changed by the fulfillment of the oath as it was originally uttered. That and there would probably be a lot of drinking to celebrate.

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All dwarves start with the Oathsworn trait (BWGR, page 119 and repeated on p[age 338), unless they buy the special Grudgekeeper trait (BWGR, page 120 and repeated on page 328) instead. The traits detail the starting rules. Some dwarves might start with the Oathbreaker trait (BWGR, page 337) or earn it in play as a result of breaking an oath. Dwarves who are asked to swear an oath but refuse are Branded a Coward (BWGR, page 120 and repeated on page 316).

Dwarves who fulfill their oaths or grudges must go before a Longbeard with the Oathswearer trait (BWGR, page 338) to swear a new oath or grudge. Details are in the trait.


Aha! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


I would say that a dwarf who has no current oaths is a dwarf with no relation to dwarf society. Other dwarfs aren’t going to really respect the dwarf until they swear some oaths.
Also I think the initial oath belief should be quite hard to really resolve


BWGR page 338 says the 4th belief must relate to a relationship the dwarf starts the game with.

I’d strongly agree with this, the 4th belief feels like a bigger guiding belief.

Perhaps more interestingly, the trait allows the dwarf to swear oath type beliefs into their normal 3 belief slots. These should be more resolvable, but provide some an interesting avenues to pressure a dwarven character.

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