Newbie question: Either, Or


When playing an obstacle from the magic 4 (wilderness, weather, animals, mice) would it be totally against the rules to include an obstacle from another field?

For example: A summer storm (Weather obstacle) starts when traversing thru [b]tall grass /b.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

I think he means two hazards in one: wilderness + weather, for instance.

I would say that you can, but you run the risk of not having enough diverse options for twists to the hazards you’re planning. If you use Wilderness + Weather for Hazard 1, and Animal for Twist 1… you’re kinda stuck with Mice for Hazard 2 and no new twist for Mice, except to complicate the situation (instead of adding a new one) or add conditions.

So, you recommend one at a time, always…

All right, thanks!

You could, however, describe both, and let the players imply which they tackle first, and then if that’s failed, impose the other as the twist.

That’s how I would do it.

To take the example …

A summer storm (Weather obstacle) starts when traversing thru tall grass (Wilderness).

GM: “You are about to cross a wide field of tall grass. In the distance you can see the clouds beginning to darken and gather up for what could be a major storm. What do you do?”

Depending on what the players say next, the obstacle could be the wilderness or the Weather.

Player Choice 1: “Let’s not delay, let’s go through this field as quickly as possible” And that translates to some kind of pathfinding or scouting test to get through the tall grass. If they fail the test, introduce the storm as a twist.

Player Choice 2: “That storm looks scary, lets look for some cover” Which would translate to some kind of survivalist or Nature test to hide. If they fail the test, they’re stuck in the open field and trying to get through the tall grass as a twist.

Thanks for the great help!

I really really want to be clear on this stuff - don’t wanna overwhelm my players, or get the rules wrong & break the game. For some reason, some of the rules & concepts (as you can tell by my other posts) are difficult to grasp for me!

Thanks 'gain