Newbie with some questions involving Weapons and animals

I am about to start my first Mouse Guard campaign, after a long time of owning it ive actually found a group thats willing to check it out and a good many of them are even as excited about it as i am (and im VERY excited) so brushing up on my GM-Knowledgeship, rereading the book and making a cheatsheet of animals available I came across something i noticed:

Some animals read +1s to Attack while others read +1s to successful Attack. Are these meant to be the same idea but worded differently (such as the “as spear and a sword” while others read “Long (as spear) and useful (as sword)”) or as i suspect wholly different where the +1s will help in “hitting” the mice while the +1s to successful attack will essential be added “damage” and not added to determine success.

I’m leaning towards using it the second way, but I just wanted to be sure. :slight_smile:

It’s all the same. Sorry for the inconsistent wording. I blame society.

thanks Luke, always glad to get word right from the source! :smiley: