Nigh TPK

Last night I ran a demo for The Norwegians. It was great fun. During the main firefight of the scenario, they were thoroughly kicking my ass.

So what did I do? I started firing cruise missiles at them. One hit and I would have killed them all. That Megablast trait is a killer. Fortunately for them, they were dug in heavy cover. It was Ob 5 for me to hit them. I fired two cruise missiles total. I rolled three successes on one and four on the other. You should have seen them sweating and howling!

One hit…


Alas, my luck did not provide. I rolled more 1 success and 0 success rolls than anything close to 5 successes.


ground pounding? ship to ship? What are we looking at here?

Cruise Missiles fired from an Imperial Hammer Cruiser in orbit at a bunch of rebel scum dug-in at the fortified groundside base station of an orbital tether.


a bad player.

also, norwegians are good at hiding in holes during wartime - if you ask dro.

what would the response been if you TPK’ed them, luke? seems like they were loving it either way.

Well, damn that puts Metalbard’s “dirty cheater” reputation into a whole new light. And here we were treating it as a sort of badge of honor.


Huh, see Pole, indeed!

Anyway, back on topic, quick question:

Inquiring minds want to know: Does cutting an orbital tether send the orbit-side station outbound or inbound relative to the planet’s surface?

Actually, you know what? Where’s the AP link for this? I’m genuinely curious as to the set-up and dispostions for this scenario if nothing else.

depends on the stakes of the conflict, if that’s what the players want.

you’ve gotta go to a con and play the scenario, for now.

i’m sure the world burn of Omac will end up on the wiki eventually.

Damnit, where’s mah flipping-the-bird emoticon? I’m starting to get a backlog on scenarios unless someone’s posted the viking scenario somewhere without my knowing it.


As the non-Norwegian at Luke’s table I’ll say that the cruise missile assault was scary as heck. At least three times he fired cruise missiles and rolled seven or eight dice with an obstacle of 5. Success would’ve incinerated two PCs and crippled a third, and probably sent me home crying. Our only luck was that we had successfully jammed his signals just before his dice rolling, denying him the eight thousand helping dice he’d been collecting up til then.

That’s what you get for not moving your ass out of the fortified position and flanking the missile dude.

Cutting the ground end would leave it balanced and unmoving.

However, then the atmospheric drag on the planetside end would pull it down and back, imparting a spin on the whole system and causing the two ends of the cable to spin around the axis of the centerpoint station, lashing the equatorial parts of the planet until the whole tether disintegrated.

That’s what you get for not moving your ass out of the fortified position and flanking the missile dude.[/quote]

If we’d moved out of the 3 or 4D position we’d’ve been toast. If we were going to move, we would have had to withdraw first to get the heck out of his Direct Fire option.