Night upon the delta


The Shjammir call the delta “heaven on earth”, but for those generations still living, it is in fact the only home they know. The Forbidden mountains birth the river Umma, as a hundered waterfalls flow together, meander through the scorched and dusty land, form the Delta and finally run into Salt Unending.

The delta is life itself. Here, things grow. Here, there is shade, but even in the shade, it is hot. The Shjammir contiuously have to irrigate their land to stop the desert from reclaiming it.

The people live in houses made of a jumble of mud, papyrus and sometimes huge blocks of buildings unremembered. During the hottest part of the day, the world stops as people rest in their houses to survive the scorch and the bad visions that come with it. After the midday, priests wander the streets, looking for divine favor from Ra and foul vision marks that must be erased.

This generation, bad things have come down Umma. Crocodiles that would not die. Fish that lured children to their death. Mirror-images in the water of the ancestors, looking over your shoulders and crying. The King of Day and Night built a half-fort, half-dam called The House of Unre, and now your strongest sons and men have to spend some of their years guarding it. Priest are even joined by those arcane women that have survived the bad visions and were left with some shards of power from it.


As intrepid humans travel up Umma, from a distance some of the falls can be seen. Closer to the Forbidden mountains, when one would expect a lake, this is never to be found. Sometimes caravan run into the Elder Folk, but nobody remembers them well or long, only the trade goods that have found their way into the caravan holds.

The 100 Falls are bits of paradise, but the Elder Folk guard their enclaves well, and secrecy is their best friend.


The mountains go up too high - guesses have been over 40.000 foot. None mortal have stood on them. They are a dark greyish red, and sometimes their peaks glow with fire. Some say Ra sleeps here. Snow sits permanently here as well, far below the caldera.

These mountains do have a large range of craggy, canyoning land surroundig their base. Here the Earth Folk have carved their homes, here are their shrines and ancient rites, here are their enchantingly beautiful canyon mazes.


The elves’ homes:

The dwarves (they have a bit of that pharisee vibe) and their lands: (the hairstyle of the guy on the left) (clothes and beards),cntnt01,showentry,0&cntnt01entryid=50&cntnt01returnid=146 (more clothes and beards)


Dig up the past in many places
Dive into the colored fish of Salt Unending and the Sunken Lighthouse
Follow the trails of the Bad Visions
Travel up Umma, find the Source of Scourge
Climb higher than anyone has been, perhaps to Ra’s Fiery Crown
Befriend the Elder Folk and bring back the Falls’ Fruits
Hunt canyon beasts before they hunt you
Bring back the King’s Coin of the Dead

(If anyone is inspired to draw a map, go ahead, I won’t)