No Begging for the Beggar?

It seems odd to me that the Outcast Lifepath “Beggar” (page 194) doesn’t include the skill “Begging” or at least “Alms-wise”. I would have thought that Begging would be required, or at least listed but it isn’t there at all.
Is there a reason for excluding it from the list or was it meant to be there but didn’t make it (5 Skills points with only 4 skills listed)
I know that an extra skill point isn’t uncommon and is often used to allow increased training in important skills. But in nearly 600 pages of Brilliance there’s bound to be a few minor mistakes, I’m just wondering if this is one.

It’s possible it’s a mistake, but the Cripple gets the begging skill. The Beggar lifepath is more of a conman. He gets Falsehood and the trait The Story.

Can you tell from this that we’ve all lived a long time here in NYC, capital of “The Story?” We’re a bit cynical when it comes to begging.

I wonder how the Outcast Beggar lifepath looked in Revised (if it even existed then). If it had the Begging skill and only one skill point per list skill (five skills/five points) that would indicate that the skill was supposed to be included but was missed by accident. If it wasn’t in the Revised it probably wasn’t meant to be in Gold either, or if the Revised had an extra skill point that would also indicate that the book is correct.

Beggar was exactly the same in Revised. I’m still inclined to think it’s an oversight. Even if the beggar’s a con artist, he should still be conning with Begging and FoRKing in his Falsehood and Conspicuous.

Yeah. It doesn’t seem like something a beggar should have to spend general skill points on.
I mean, Farmers get Farming, Foot Soldiers get Soldiering, Sorcerers get Sorcery. It just seems like Beggars should get Begging.
Does it break anything if I just tack it onto their list?

In my experience, nope.

If it’s not a magic, combat, social, or adventuring-type skill (like Stealthy), it’s not a big deal to add a skill to a lifepath that really seems to need it. There are a few things that feel like oversights here and there, and Beggar is definitely one of them. (I’d argue Young Lady not having access to sewing — or something similar, like weaving, depending on the culture — is another one.)

Sewing is for servants. Embroidery is the work of ladies!