No dice?!?!

I have this weird idea for Mouse Guard, but I think it might work for those who want more narrative control.

What happens if instead of rolling for a test, the player simply states whether they succeed or fail? If a margin of failure or success is called for, then you’d simply roll 1d6 to see how much it is.

I’m thinking that the tie-breaking rules may need to be tweaked, or you could simply consider every test “a tie”, so as to engage with the rules as written.

Advancement, earning checks, fun twists and conditions could insure that players would still fail quite a bit.

I don’t want to regularly play this way, as the dice are fun and I can’t think of how to include teamwork, gear, persona points, fate points, or nature rules; but it still sounds like a fun thing to try out.

Interesting idea…

But I’d suggest a “points pool” mode.

Straight Cost, S= (2xOb)-Skill min 0
Straight pays, F= Skill - (2xOb)
Vs Cost, S=OppSkill - YourSkill, min 0
Vs Pays, F=YourSkill - OppSkill

Each 2 points in pool at ends of GM turn adds one check