No way for a Wizard to lead to Wizard of War?

My player was burning up a Wizard of War character but was confronted with a possible glitch in the lifepaths: There is no direct lead from any of the wizard paths to the Prof. Soldier subsetting. Even in the Magic Burner, only "Supplicant leads to this setting, and that wouldn’t make sense for an experienced wizard to take. Any thoughts on ways around this without burning up a new lifepath?


Born Noble, Leads to Court, Page, Arcane Devotee, Man-at-Arms, Leads to Soldier, Wizard of War

There is no glitch.

Here, I can do it in 4:

Born Noble
Arcane Devotee (lead to City)
Student (lead to Professional Soldier)
Wizard of War

You can also do it from being City Born:

City Born
Neophyte Sorcerer
Wizard of War

Student is a cheating LP.

Thanks folks. Those work, I guess. Thanks Luke for clearing that up :wink: I guess it just requires a “non-wizard” LP to get the lead to Soldier.

Wait, we just discovered something cool in the MaBu:

  1. Gifted Child
  2. Apt Pupil (lead to Death Cult setting)
  3. Death Cultist (lead to Prof. Soldier)
  4. Wizard of War

OR even in three life paths!

  1. Gifted Child (or any born LP)
  2. Apt Pupil (lead to prof. soldier)
  3. Wizard of War!

My mistake for thinking this was a glitch. There’s lots of cool ways! Awesome.

Though, those LPs above create an illiterate battle wizard, but it might work with some concepts: perhaps art magic where the spell idiom requires no reading/writing.

edit: or just buy read/write w/general points, or mix and match LPs. I should really look at these things a bit closer.

There’s nothing in the RAW that says that a wizard of ANY sort, much less one focused on battle, needs to be literate–or that just because a skill doesn’t appear on a character sheet means that they know nothing about it. Reading/writing just wasn’t a focus.

One of my favorite things about BW is that a lot of the time there isn’t a straight shot where you’re going–I think you end up with more interesting characters that way.

Wow, so it is. As a thought exercise a month or two ago I was trying to encompass the Wizard of War in a four or five LP character, and I just couldn’t manage it without being too “un-wizardly” for my taste (ie. taking another soldier LP first).

Next time I will remember: when in doubt, go to school.

If you want a 4 LP bad Wizard with noble heritage:

Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Leads to Outcast, Desperate Killer (or Bandit), Leads to Soldier, Wizard of War

You will have a 23 years old guy with around 50 rps, 17 or 18 Skill points and 2 free Trait points.

But I prefer the other way because your character will have better experience and Monted Combat/Armor/Shield Trainning, and that is just so cool.

  1. Gifted Child (or any born LP)
  2. Apt Pupil (lead to prof. soldier)
  3. Wizard of War


  1. Man-At-Arms

Now you have your Wizard of War and all the shiny Man-At-Arms stuff in 4 LP’s!

Yes! That’s a good one. Especially if you want a court game. And the Believer Trait could be an oportunity for a cool Belief for sure.