Noir Sablon (Black Sand)

I have tried to send the map our group created, but it seems I do not have the authorization to « post attachments ». I wish I could show the map we made: it’s a nice one!

Anyway, I can give you some indications about the world we have created. We played three adventures and we are in the midst of a fourth one. We started by the Crypt of Sko-Genby, then the Stone Dragon Mountain of Sean Nittner, a third one involving a cave full of ratmen and maleficient wyrdstone and we are know trying to resolve the mystery of the Barbedrue Beer…

Port-sur-Pluie (Harbor-in-Rain) is a Busy Crossroad where we started our adventures. It is a muddy, brownish town, full of mouldy huts and rotten footbridges where swamp haflings, crooks, beggars, merchants and fishermen cohabits difficultly. North of the town lies the Girondins, the great mountain chain where the Sharwas (from the Stone Dragon Mountain adventure), the faced-buried salt people, once lived. Driven away from their homes by a mysterious event (from which the adventurer are of course not part of…) they now try to make a living in Port-sur-Pluie by selling their exotic garments and their « labour power » to the unscrupulous habitants of the city. Some of the Sharwa people, in total despair and out of poverty, have reconverted themselves in the bandit business with more or less success. South of the town lies the Obrecine Swamp, a large muddy marsh crossed by the Girondine River, where it is whispered that an ancient dragon sleeps, waiting for the End Times to awaken. Port-sur-Pluie is also known for it’s bizarre traveling custom: anyone who leaves the city must pay respect to the Great Old Obrecine Tree, which is rooted at the gates of the town, by dropping a bowl of water at its feets. It is unanimously known that anybody who disrespect the custom will have somehow trouble crossing the swamp…

Driven away from Port-sur-Pluie because of unpaid debts, the adventurers went to Ravinseuil (Tresholdravine), the only know Dwarven Hall left. Buried into a large ravine in the Girondins, the dwarven city is carved in stone on the two sides of the cliffs. This makes Ravinseuil a labyrinth of stone passages, hidden corridors, rocky stairs and suspended bridges in which any newcomer is easily lost. But the most weird thing about Ravinseuil is the Prohibition. Yes, you read it. Not a single drop of alcohol can be (legaly) found in the inns of this Dwarven Hall. The Grandmothers (that’s right! The Elderly women are running the city) have banned all alcohol in Ravinseuil, beacause of the strange effect of the Barbedrue Beer (Thickbeard beer) which was sold by a brotherhood of three who have mysteriously disapeared with their recipe. The adventurers are now a few days south of Port-sur-Pluie, on the Girondine River, trying to solve the mystery of the Barberue brothers in the Grosse-Cuve Brewery (Greatvat Brewery) infested by mutants and goblins!

There are quite a few more locations on our map but the adventurers have not been there, so thoses places haven’t been fleshed out yet.
Hope I can show you the map anytime soon.