(Non-)advancement while Sick

Working through the rules, getting really excited about trying the game out soon. So far, only one question that I’m really stumped on, and I don’t see it posted about anywhere on the forum.

The rules say that while Sick, a character “cannot advance.” Does this mean:

(a) the character simply does not log any new Pass/Fail tests on skills/abilities, meaning that “nothing counts” the whole time they are Sick, or
(b) they can still log Pass/Fail tests, but they can’t actually advance anything until they clear the condition?

Interpretation (a) seems pretty harsh, but interpretation (b) seems like it could lead to a ridiculous situation in which the character recovers from being sick and then immediately advances a few things (if they had racked up a number of tests while sick). But then again, you’d have to be sick a pretty long time for that to happen, which seems pretty unlikely.

Any official rulings or unofficial thoughts? Thanks!

It’s b.

FWIW, the intention was a—because of the simplicity of it. But in practice, even we couldn’t bring ourselves to play that interpretation. So b it is!

Thanks! Thanks especially for that detail, Luke. Both aspects make sense – the simplicity of the (harsher) rule, and the “lenient” interpretation for the sake of sanity :slight_smile:

And thanks Stormsweeper for the super-fast reply!

That’s some honesty in game design right there. :slight_smile:

I always thought it was A (and may have played it that way)

I was running my game as A, but after a party member became a carrier or plague they are happy to know it is B.

Haha, one of my players made eleventy billion Will tests while Sick without gaining any advancements, whoops. Also casting Wormtongue on a PC is pretty harsh.