Non FoN NPC's Beliefs


What do you do with non FoN npc beliefs?

Character Beliefs need to be specific and tied to the situation etc etc.
Equal amount of attention is going to the FoN on both sides.

But what about the leaders of factions and other relationships?

Giving them specific beliefs more than broad statements of their character is weird no?

They don’t get “scenes” unless either side “needs” them, so it is kinda hard for them to do anything about it or?

And when I am in the process of asking questions, does the rule that each character must have a relationship with the other side also apply to GM FoN’s (in our case the Vaylen)?.

The GM can use Non-FoN NPC’s in lieu of his FoN’s when it makes sense.

Technically, nothing prevents a player from using an NPC instead of their PC other than the artha going to the NPC.

One example came from my game. Player wanted to know what the head maid was doing, threw a color at her and said, “Ok, Wil, I want to know what she’s doing since I botched that circles roll to get her here.”

I find a Belief or two for ancillary characters helps me focus and makes the characters richer in play.

To answer your last question, yes that rule (about having a relationship with the other side) applies to the GM FoNs as well. Trust me, you want lots of strong connections between the opposing sides!!

Yeah, this is a good way to go. A couple character traits, maybe like a “focus Belief” (this is what the character is about) and if I’m feeling sassy, a “contradictory Belief” (to give the character some depth, and give the PCs a handle to grab if they need to get into a DOW with them or whatever). Also one good Instinct to help illustrate the character’s behavior.


Sounds somewhat like what we had in mind. Thanks for the advice…