Non-tax recovery job advice

My players have found themselves bereft of Resources after the fallout from helping each other make (failed) lifestyle maintenance rolls left all but one at zero. I’ve told them that their various homes/properties are in jeopardy, and if they fail the next lifestyle roll, those properties will be lost. (Two of them need their properties to accomplish their belief goals. The third is the one who earned the “Home Is Where the Heart Is” character trait. So yes, this is relevant! I didn’t see anything about penalties for failing these rolls other than tax, but it seemed reasonable to threaten their properties, given the circumstances.)

One player wanted to get a job to make some money. He got a recruitment offer from the city watch. I fumblingly decided that the job interview process should involve a crossbow test and a rule of law test, the margins of success or failure vs. ob 2 acting essentially as a linked test for the lifestyle resources roll. He didn’t get any extra dice, nor penalties. But now he’s back where he started despite having the job.

I want to make this job pay him, but I’m not sure how best to handle it. I don’t want to just give him the resources, because he hasn’t earned it yet. But he has gotten the basic thing that ought to give him that reward. So now how do I make him work for it? Or should I just say, “here, take some cash dice, sorry that kind of sucked, I’ll challenge you better next time” and move on?

BWG p. 373 “Get a Job!”

You can hand out a die or two of cash as the result of a successful test. Provided he’s earned his coin, of course.

there is the rule of cash on hand die, which is something that if you were handing out rewards that they could get. then those could benefit their general resources score.