Noob question about using nature in place of a skill a character doesn't have

I am new to MG, I just purchased the book last week from my LCS. I have played a little bit of D20 in the past, but I like this system better because it seems to be more narrative and less explicitly focused on combat (Ex: Star Wars RPG–might as well just be called the extended rule set for Star Wars minis battle game).

Anyway, sorry for the noob question, but I am curious if anyone has any thoughts about what is to stop a player from always using their nature in place of skills they don’t have? (Resolution: Begginer’s Luck)

For example, I have been using a lot of pathfinding in my first few missions, which one of my characters doesn’t have any rating in. The other character has a rating of two, which pretty much makes her useless for all but the easiest trails. I am aware that the character who doesn’t have pathfinding will never earn it by substituting nature all of the time, but I think his nature is 4, which means it would take quite a few missions to get above a 4 with pathfinding. I know using nature all of the time is a quick fix, but I am just concerned it is too tempting for my players.

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Have you read the section on taxing Nature and what happens to mice whose Natures go too low or too high?

I’ll re-read that section now that I understand the game a little better. The first time I read it, I had a hard time completely understanding it. I learn better from outline formats than linear formats, so I am going back through the book and making some outline style reminder sheets.

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Cool. Btw, welcome to the forum.