Nose For Trouble...

…grants a Call-On for Trouble-wise apparently.

What is Trouble-wise exactly? Constables don’t seem to have it as a Lifepath skill, so presumably they need to purchase it with general points - or am I Missing The Point?

Trouble-wise is everything there is to know about trouble. You know which situations are trouble. You know which people are trouble, and you can spot a troublemaker a mile away. You know what’s going to get you into trouble. You can tell when trouble is brewing. You might even have an idea of what’s causing it. Obstacles are listed in the Character Burner under the Wises heading.

And yeah, if the lifepaths don’t grant you the skill, take it with General Points.

After playing Burning Empires/Wheel for about six months, I can say that Trouble-wise would be one awesome skill to grab. If you get a call-on for it, open it with general points.

It seemed like something that was either very handy, or too general to be useful, depending on how your group is interpreting things.

It’s now shunted firmly into the “very handy” column for me.

We had one player use it during an insurrection game we played. He’d use Trouble-wise to find out (i.e. create) hot situations between the law and the rebels or to find compromised safe houses or surly mercenaries. It was pretty darn useful!