Not a proper actual play, but a magnificent prop my player did after the campaign

We finished a 25-session long one-on-one campaign with whom has to be my favorite player. I used the Rime of the Frostmaiden in D&D’s Forgotten Realms setting to inspire this campaign, and offered my player to play two different characters evolving in different places of the region in relative simultaneity. The result was amazing, it was our first BW game and my oh my that was something that we will remember for the rest of our roleplaying lives. Thanks Luke and all the BWHQ for having put this game together, and to the forum/discord for the wonderful and precise help. @Gnosego, man if you’re reading this, I can’t thank you enough.

What I wanted to share is the board my friend did to commemorate the campaign, having all the convictions linked as a timeline so we can have the entire arcs at a glance and see how the characters’ paths collide and interacted. Super creative, this is now going on the wall of my roleplaying room

edit: it’s in French, but if you have any question, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Those are beliefs of each character and how they evolved?

If I’m reading this?



This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

(You’re welcome!)

Yes beliefs ! We’ve used “conviction” so much in French that it’s overwritten the English word, my bad :grimacing:


Haha :grin: thanks to you again !


This is so rad. Tres cool, mon gars.
I love Burning Wheel for one on one games. Tiring as a GM for sure, but so rewarding. What actually happened in your campaign? How did you convert your Rime of the Frostmaiden inspiration to Burning Wheel? What were the PCs lifepaths?

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The two PCs were:

  • Melie ; A young harper acting as a musical instrument marchant in the Vale, been here for quite a while now as her first assignment
  • Runie ; A mob boss from Neverwinter following the tracks of her sister, trying to find her before she gets in trouble

I don’t have the LPs at hand but since they were pretty young I remember they were 3 or 4 LP characters.
Runie’s sister left because she felt Auril’s call to go North and ended up being quite important in the first arc of the campaign. Runie eventuelly joined the Zhentarim despite trying to leave her mob/mafia life behind her, super interesting.
Melie was the “main” character. Starting with a murder investigation as the winter holds its grasp on the region, she eventually teamed up with the militia to arrest a shady itinerant merchant who was working with the Zhents, fought up a correpted cult to Auril, traveled the tundra looking for nomadic tribes and asked for guidance on how to end the enternal winter, ended up in the Isle of the Solstice, managed to end the Rime but removing some corruption for the Isle.
Coming back to the mainland she found out that 6 months had passed and many things had changed.
Last act was figuring out why Auril was casting the time (= prevent the awakening of an ancient city burried in the glacier), and managed to crash it back on the ground as it was slowly taking off into the sky.

The final scenes as epilogues were amazing. We had a blast.


That sounds absolutely marvellous!

I really love the artifact you have to remember the game by.

I cannot read most of the Beliefs / Convictions, but the character quotes beneath the two leads are wonderful!

Mélie’s I’d translate as something like
“As naive as that might seem, I work for the good of others”

Atlas’ I’d translate as something like
“I save them from a certain death, and I am not welcomed?”

The path-like structure, with notes of key moments and quotes scattered throughout just gives me such a buzz of joy to see!

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You did translate the quotes well ! :slight_smile: I’m so glad I could share this with the BW community.


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