Notes for running Torchbearer with the preview and MG

I’ve gone a little nuts and decided to run Torchbearer as suggested in the Kickstarter preview: that is, using the character creation preview and using Mouse Guard to help with the rest. I’ve been typing up my notes about unsolved problems in a Google Doc. So far, I have descriptions of all the spells my pre-gen characters have, and while I have no idea whether they resemble the real spells in Torchbearer, I like them.

Next, I have to make a Camp Events table and monsters.

You can see my notes here: The first six pages are notes for each pregen: the weapons are taken either from MG or I made them up if they didn’t exist in MG. Pages seven and eight are spells and prayers. If anyone has any feedback or ideas for the Camp Events table, feel free to post them!

Clinton, this is amazing!

Nice! I will definitely be using this for my play-it-before-it-exists sessions! :smiley:

Just as a clarification… I’ve backed the Kickstarter but can’t seem to access or find a link / email to the preview so we can start playing just like Clinton has :frowning:
Thor, can you help? How do I get my grubby little hands on the preview?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No worries, I worked it out :slight_smile:

This is really great Clinton. We didn’t know what the spells did or how monsters should look, this is a fantastic aid.


So, to be fair, we still don’t know those things (unless Clinton has access to something the rest of us don’t). We just have what he thinks those things are, until the game is actually released.

That is correct – I don’t know anything. I’m just making stuff up so I can play, which I do for the first time tonight. I added a ridiculous camp events table which cannot possibly resemble the real one, but will make the players cry.

Don’t be too sure! Our group had their first camp disaster, and I swear I saw their eyes shining with moisture as they quickly wiped something away…