Now what, civilized intrigues and political violence?

So, we have gotten through this:

It has been a hard time and the macguffin has almost been lost several times on the two month journey back home and now the splitted up the macguffin and took part by themselves to Asylum and sent one with a NPC-patrol via boat to Asylum (kind of ancient Rome).

During the travel there has been a lot of changes of opinions as outcomes of Argument Conflict, everybody wants something with the box, and they have thought that they should just follow their orders, that the macguffin needs to be destroyed to not get in the wrong hands, that the macguffin must reach Asylum at any cost and now they’re quite splitted in their opinions but the patrol leader has been able to hold the group together and get the mission going and now they almost reached Asylum when it, the half macguffin, slipped out of their hands again and we will have a final get-hold-of-it-or-lose-it-forever not far from Asylum. Probably they will try to get a possy sent out to help them search and probably they will have to cooperate with a character’s enemy’s patrol in the search. I’m thinking of letting them succeed with conditions (A).

While they travelled with their half by land the other half was taken to Asylum by boat by a NPC patrol, one of the character’s enemies. I’m thinking having that group getting attacked during night (no ocean going sea travel, beaching every night) and losing the other half macguffin but the macguffin getting rescued by another character’s enemy patrol. Or at least that’s what is told to the officers when they arrive with the half macguffin. In reality they staged the robbery and the rescue of the macguffin to gain honor and make the character’s patrol lose honor (B).

So the macguffin gets to Asylum in two pieces. What happens now do you think? The two pieces is some kind of applied mathematics device that, according to rumours, would make it possible for the carthage-like Navalia to take of the city alliance, to take the leadership from Asylum or maybe throw mice into a internal war. Apparently Asylum is ready to do sacrifices to get hold of it and also several factions are ready to assault guard mice to get hold of the macguffin or stop it from arriving to Asylum. It has also been obvious to the characters, both before setting out on the mission and during the travel back that the political leadership of Asylum isn’t totally on the same line regarding a lot of thing, the macguffin being one of them ©.

So what do you think of A, good/bad?

What do you think of B, good/bad?

Considering A, B and C, do you see any interesting plot elements as we go on playing?