NPC Mice & Weasel Taxing Nature?

Can an NPC mouse act against his nature when he doesnt have the appropriate skill to say… bake a cake? If the mouse has a nature of 4, can he act against his nature and use that instead? And then have his nature taxed upon failure? Same question for weasels.

I’m assuming all other wild animals can not since they only have nature they don’t act outside of and no skills to speak of. But mice and weasels seem to behave exactly as the PCs do, minus persona and fate points?

Yes, but why are rolling for NPCs to bake cakes?

:slight_smile: There’s an assassin trying to kill the mayor of Thistledown, and in order to infiltrate his inner circle he is in disguise as a master chef. The patrol is going to discover this and since the mayor is stubborn and guards are present, the patrol is going to challenge the imposter to a cake-off conflict to prove he is no master chef.

That sounds great. He can use Nature and risk tax or he can use the Beginner’s Luck rules and roll half the dice available.

Thank you very much! This rule-set allows for some interesting engagements.