NPC with Augury

Our new campaign is full of intrigue and tension - excellent! Its a human centric campaign focused on political intrigue and the subjugation of magic. I have an NPC that was circled up who has the ability to ‘see’ the potential future as a allegorical vision whilst she has seizures (based unashamedly on the character Rikke from Joe Abercrombie’s books).

The NPC was originally enmity clause, but since been circled up successfully.

My question is, how best to model this? I have a few thoughts…
Dreamer trait?
Aura Reading Skill (though this restricts the visions to specific people)?
A re-skin of rune casting that has the same effect and belief requirements?

Thoughts good peeps?


But are they still an enemy? Successfully circling them up isn’t enough to turn them ally (or neutral), right?

Yep. Looks exactly like what you want to me! (It’ll also hace you get the character involved in their pronouncements, which can be good for these kinds of NPCs.)

Could go with Dreamer, too, if you’re not going to use the ability for conflict.

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Oh yes, Queralt is still a complicated NPC - there has been a duel of wits and a seduction test to sway her somewhat.

Yeah, I’m leaning on the reskin of Runecasting too, simply for the agency as GM it gives me to tie her to the PCs beliefs.


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