number of checks players usually earn?

Any experienced players/GMs have any idea what is an average # of checks players usually have going into the PlayersTurn?

I’ve found that it seems to be 1-2 checks per player. Some only earn none but get the free default action plus maybe one shared from a player with 3 or whatever.

Using the CHOOSE TWO formula of GM turn design, I usually throw out a simple or complex obstacle and then a Conflict. The acting player usually tries to earn a check on the obstacle test. And one or more players try to earn a few checks during the Conflict.

Just making sure Im giving them enough checks. It seems right because they have to make some hard choices with limited checks.

I also plan to follow Luke’s advice about spinning off on twists and follow up obstacles when the players fail the test. That may add an extra check or potentially more if they really mess up. LOL.

1-2 checks per player is just about right.

In my MG games, here are where experienced players tend to pick up checks:
[li]Very difficult tests. If I present an obstacle that they feel is beyond their abilities, and they’re not going to Tap Nature, they go for a check. If they’re going to fail anyway, better to get a check out of it.[/li][li]Conflicts. Conflicts are a great place to pick up tie-breaker checks. If we roll a tie in a conflict, I’d say players break the tie in my favor 3 out of 5 times, especially against high Nature critters that are going to have a lot of dice on the tiebreaker roll. It’s not hard to see why: It usually only costs you one point of disposition and you get two checks from it. It’s a sweet deal! If multiple people do it during a conflict, though, the team can find itself in real trouble.[/li][li]When I push them to the brink with lots of conditions. The more conditions I give them, the more they think about acquiring checks to alleviate them. But if your players are earning 1 or 2 checks per session already, my guess is that you’re already distributing an appropriate number of conditions.[/li][li]Easy tests. These aren’t especially common in my game, but every once in a while there are low obstacle tests. Astute players will jump at the chance to take checks from these tests. I will note that even players who understand the idea behind checks very well sometimes miss this opportunity if it comes early in a session. Not infrequently, they’ll pick up the dice and roll, followed by “d’oh! I should have…”[/li][/ul]
A lot of the time in my games, one or two players will pick up 3 or 4 checks and the other players will pick up none. That’s OK too since they can pass them around!

Yeah, in my PBP game we just entered the Player Turn today. One player earned 3 checks in an conflict. He used a trait against himself and earned one. Then the opposed roll came to a tie and he broke the tie in the fox’s favor!

None of the other mice earned any checks. So one guy has 4 and the other two players each have one. But of course, it’ll work out to be 2 each (6 checks, 3 players).

I ended the GM turn with the player’s main mission to pour a portion of the scent border INCOMPLETE. So now they will have to spend checks to

  1. Complete the scent pouring
  2. Find the missing patrol leader (player dropped out right before the battle with the fox. He was out ahead scouting for danger but never returned when the fox attacked…or after). Thematically, I will say the players find him seriously wounded and in need of emergency aid. I’ll run him as an NPC.
  3. When they report in that their section of the border has been poured, they will notice that search partys are forming. It seems another patrol never returned!
  4. There will likely be a little power struggle dynamic between the mice as to who should assume command of the patrol. Distrust has been brewing. I suspect it’ll finally come to a head. If not, I’ll try to use twists to instigate decent in the ranks and provoke a conflict.
  5. PLUS, I’ll spin off any other twists that I can, hoping to continue to challenge beliefs and instincts, and maybe apply a condition to the otherwise unaffected team.

I think we’ve got a nice balance of options based on two checks per mouse. Hopefully, things will grow organically and develop into a whole chain reaction of events.

Ill post a follow up as things develop.

Sounds like you’re doing great!