Number of Obstacles different on the GM's screen?

Just a little thing, but I noticed that the little bit of text on the GM’s screen says 1-3 Obstacles to prepare for the GM’s turn. I’m pretty sure the book says to get 2 ready. (I don’t have either with me unfortunately, I’m at the laundromat.)

Just wondering how 1 or 3 prepared obstacles works in play? I’m concerned about not having the GM’s turn go on too long or short. Is this a feel thing?

I find that the best way to plan a session is to prepare the first 3 obstacles and the session end planned.
This gives the party relief when it gets to their turn (but not in a bad way).

I’m a stickler for preparing two mission hazards and and two potential twists (one each of animals, journey, mice, and weather altogether). One hazard would hamper the players’ ability to earn checks for their turn, which already is a scarce resource, while three would increase their opportunities for advancement and earning checks. As a twist often feels like a third hazard, I’d stick with the book.