Number of players

Hey folks,

I’m brand new to the game and I have never played using Burning Wheel system either. I’m about to run a play by post game and was wondering if there might be any unforeseen problems that might encounter by having more than the recommended amount of players? The game book recommends 2-5 players (including myself) but are their risks or problems if I had 6 or 7 players (including myself), such as an unbalancing of game mechanics, etc?

Any thoughts?

the most obvious (having run a session of MG with 7p) is help becomes overwhelming; it begins to drown actual skill. Further, the artha cycle slows down for everyone a bit, and if it doesn’t, someone is grabbing WAY more than others.

You should play Mouse Guard with four people – one GM and three players. The “risks” of using 6 or 7 players is that the game either doesn’t work or requires a huge effort on the part of the GM.

Thanks for the input. I was already strongly leaning towards sticking with the recommended amount of players and this just reinforces my thoughts on it.

If anyone else has opinions on the matter, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks again!


I’m quoting from another thread where a similar question was asked, but if you wan to follow up on anything, just put it here.

I’m in a 6-player game right now and it’s working relatively stably, with only a couple of modifications. All opposition is doubled or tripled, and only one mouse can Help another mouse at a time. That, and characters with very neatly defined specializations, makes it run fairly smoothly.

Not as huge as you’d think. I find the trick to it is being flexible with the letter of the rules while keeping the spirit of them.

It takes some creativity as often rules are modified, replaced or ignored on the fly but it is usually done with the input and consensus of the group and the goal is always to have a fun, rewarding session.

So far it has gone remarkably well and the campaign has been flowing along smoothly.

Yes, well I hope you understand that I can’t and won’t advocate modifying, replacing or ignoring the rules.

If Luke were a chef, he’d kick you out of his restaurant if you asked for salt or pepper.

Lol…no problem, your advocacy wasn’t requested, I was just giving the OP the benefit of our experiences in our game. :slight_smile:

Yeah…but all RPGs are take-out not eat-in items.

Not true.


But the menu would have a core entree, and a bunch of “Pick no more than four” option lists, each with 4 options…

And a recommendation not to try the options until you have tried just the base entree.

no dice for you!

Thanks for the input, everyone. I decided to go with 5 players (1 more than the recommended). I think that with the nature of play by post games, it will be easier to maintain without leaving that “wanting” feeling in any of the players minds.