Obs in the Enchantment Process

In the game I am running, the players through blind luck, perseverance and a fire hose of artha expenditure killed a lesser demon.

One of the players is an aura reading sorcerer. He has alchemy and wanted to see what he could extract from the corpse in the form of antecedents. I know that the Monster Burner is from the prior edition, so I treat it like when I speak Spanish with my Brazilian Portuguese speaking friend. When we are both drunk, we speak to each other in our respective tongues and we more or less communicate. The alcohol and good will overcome any lacunae.

BUT, traits like “Spirit Nature” cost 17 trait points. How can anyone get 17 successes to draw out such an aspect of the demon’s nature?

Am I missing something? Has something been lost in translation between the editions?


It’s achievable, but it requires focus and coordination:
Alchemy exp 6 + deeds point + forks + help + three persona + call-on.


I think the Enchanting rules are basically unchanged from Revised to Gold Revised; don’t quote me on that, though.

Traits don’t exist to serve the agenda of some passing Enchanter. I don’t think the intention of the design is for (all) things to be easy (or even feasible) for even master Enchanters.

Carefully. And also probably with a Deeds point or two, Help, FoRKs, etc.


Cheers guys, much more likely is that I as the GM will get to make up some delicious and spiked fail result.


Gah! Luke beat me to it! Him and his… Passions. :unamused:

(That’s a Pendragon thing, right?)

Always happy to help! Let us know what happens in play!

The player ended up with a leather sack filled with the iron nodules from the daemon’s iron hide. Their magical nature is conserved because they are suspended in a jelly of it’s blood.
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