Official Errata for Mouse Guard?

I’ve been researching this game and it appears to be exactly what I have been looking for to play with my 10 and 8 year-old! I’m getting ready to purchase the book, but I first wanted to know if any errata has been compiled for this book. I’ve looked all over the forums and can’t find a thing. Maybe this is a good sign that there really aren’t many errors…Can anyone help? Thanks!

The errata I’ve seen has all been for the character sheet. I’ve not seen a compiled list yet.

Grabbing the Q’s and A’s from other places…

This compilation took about 35 minutes.

Luke still hasn’t answered the “what’s the dispo for a mouse chasing”… Edit: Luke just answered it. Editing the errata in to the post as I go.

Use Health for dispo.

The game plays straight out of the book. Any “errata” were merely oversights, like the maximum rating for a skill.

Enjoy your purchase. Be sure to come back and tell us about your games.

Just copied the noted exchanges above. Perhaps this should be stickied?

William, the part you quoted makes it look like the maximum for skills, Will, and Health is seven, not six.

Also, I think you have borndigital’s question on there twice.

I appreciate the help, fellas. When I can, I like to know this type of thing when I’m learning the rules. Who wouldn’t? I figured that MG has been out long enough to have this compiled, but it looks like it hasn’t until now. You guys are great.

Hiya folks,
Just shaking the errata tree. Anything else crop up recently? Thor, you said you found something.


Not really errata, but our house rule about tied ties?

Armorer, page 243. In the failure options, all references to +1 Ob should be replaced with -1D.

It says in the first bit of the book that there are photo copieable char sheets in the back…but im flipped if I can find them? i lost?..or arent there any included?

They aren’t included. I should fix that.

Ah , ty.thought I was going mad :slight_smile: