Old Mccormick's Freehold

As autumn died, Argur Krum stumbled through the snow into town, rambling on about bandits who had ambushed his caravan, taken his coin and cargo – yes, but also poor little Argur Jr! At the Last Light Festival, Argur recognized a man as one of those bandits. Violent interrogations revealed Argur’s son and guards were sold to Old McCormick at his freehold, but that it had all gone wrong somehow. Argur pushed too hard in his fury and the bandit perished. With the thaw, Krum received a letter of marque from his family in Astrabarre and has hired you to retrieve his son from the freehold. Godspeed.

“Old McCormick’s Freehold” is an online Torchbearer one-shot for 3-4 players. You’ll need a stable internet connection, webcam, headset, and mic to play.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in playing, please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/i3b1pUr65p6LGpTf9


Hey, I’m having trouble filling out the form, the scheduling part is asking for one entry per row.

Sorry! The form got a little garbled last night, but it should be fine again now. Let me know if you have e any issues!

Awesome game, @LaughingSalmon, thanks for having me on board!

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