[Omac] Kodiak instincts before firefight

OK, guys, I need some advice. I am GM’ing Omac as play-by-post, and I am about to launch my big conflict. I am attacking the secret Kerrn warrens (I have intelligence telling me where they are) with my Kodiak army.

My question is how to handle Kodiak Alpha’s two Instincts 1. assessing the area before the battle and 2. infiltrate and demolish enemy positions before attacking.

1 is probably simply an Observation roll acting as a linked test to Dispo roll
2 is my problem. How to do that in practice?

Hey Per,
How about wait until you take a hit or fail an Advance or something, and narrate Kodiak Alpha saying “Graau! If only we had infiltrated their position first”, and get a Fate point. (By the rules you probably don’t even have to narrate, but it seems cooler.)