[Omac] Question about GM's scenes

I’m running “Fires Over Omac” tonight for my group, and I’m a bit confused about how many scenes I, as the GM, have available. The bit I don’t get is how many of the four NPCs are Figures of Note.

The “Figures of Note” section in the Omac notes suggests that Marius is the only FoN, but maybe I’m just misreading it. If he’s the only FoN, then I’d get:

1 color
1 interstitial
1 conflict or 1 building

That seems awfully light. On the other hand, if three of the NPCs are assumed to be FoNs (three is the max, right?), then I’d get a more reasonable:

3 color
3 interstitial
2 building
1 conflict

Which sounds both more fun and better in terms of giving me options to work with in creating drama for the PCs. Which is it?

I only have three players (Omac wants four), and based on threads here I’m planning to drop one of the four NPCs depending on which three PCs are chosen – I’m comfortable with that part. I just don’t want to short myself on available scenes, and that’s what I’m having trouble with.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Martin! Welcome aboard!

Checking the Infection sheet for that world, it’s the Baron, the Kodiak and the Warden who are the FoNs. Marius an obviously important character, but he’s a relationship (to his brother and to the baron), not a FoN. His scenes would come out of the Baron’s total for the GM.

Anyway, your latter interpretation is correct.

Any other questions?

Durrr… I think I even printed the Infection sheet, but barely glanced at it. Thanks for clearing that up, Luke!

As for other questions, I think I’m good for now. There’s so much I could ask about that I think I’m better off just diving in and seeing what happens. :wink: