On Hacking Nature (More Thoughts)

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I was looking around the forum as I am in the middle of trying to put together a hack for MG that relies heavily on the original traits, skills, etc. but to fit a fantasy world involves humans and a bit of magic.

I tried a few ways to invent a Human Nature myself, but after reading through discussions I think we miss the elegance of the original MG with going into a very abstract or goal-oriented direction with Human Natures. The brilliance in the original Mouse Nature is that it is simple, useful, impartial and the action have no particular goal. I’ve seen things like “self-preservation” as part of Human Nature but it is too rigid compared for example the “foraging” Mouse Nature.

Then it hit me, maybe we shouldn’t hack Nature. I mean the original set “escaping, climbing, hiding, and foraging” would also be perfectly acceptable for Humans. It doesn’t have to contain explicit restrictions on the adventurer life-style, just basic simple actions that an adventurer won’t do in trouble. I think the original Mouse Nature can be very fitting for Human Adventurers too.

On another note I think it would be interesting to build a magic system that uses an ability like Nature and have the same spectrum and, in which the sorcerer is put in between the scholar-battlemage decision just like other PCs put in between settler-adventurer. In this way Fate could work as Persona for Nature, Nature and Magic (we call it Aura) could maximum add up to 7, so it would put people into a 2x2 grid that could lead to interesting character choices. In other respect Magic would work as Nature for magical abilities, like beginner’s luck and such.

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Anyway, you may want to have a look at our game Torchbearer. It’s derived from Mouse Guard and features humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and magic.