One Circles Test = New Relationship

We had a situation come up in the last session, where one of the characters mustered 9 dice on a circles test. 10-9=1, so he scored a new relationship on a single roll. Now, I don’t recall exactly how he arrived at nine dice: 6 for a 3D affiliation/3D reputation, plus three help dice is my guess.

Any thoughts?


Page 355 is pretty clear – the “relationship aptitude” is derived only from Circles, Reps and Affs. The helping dice aren’t included.

So if you have a Circles 3, Rep 3, Aff 3, then every character you call up is a potential relationship. You’re that good!


Did anyone read “the Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell? Somebody with super-high circles like this would be what he calls a Connector. Paul Revere and Lois Weisberg are examples.

Cool! Thanks, God.


I’ve read it! I know Luke has, too.

That’s a really awesome point.