one player, one GM: the winter session


When there’s just one PC vs one GM, some of the stuff in the Winter Session becomes impossible (unless I’m reading ir 'rong) to do as written… what do you guys recommend? Skipping it?


To me, the Winter Session is like a bigger-and-better Awards phase (the time when the group gets to award Fate and Persona). And for me, both of those activities are best done in a team. They are both meant to build up the team and the relationships between players.

It is possible to still have a one-player Winter Session – the GM essentially becomes the “second” player. As with any other roleplaying game, one-on-one games are not as fun as having at least two players.

It is also possible to completely skip the Winter Session. It’s not a requirement at all. I think the only thing that is spelled out as a Winter Session “unique activity” is the gaining, advancement, and losing traits.

We had a thread about this previously but I can’t find a link. Basically, the GM has to represent the player for the all Trait stuff, which is less-than ideal.