One-Shot Character Sheets and Custom Dice

I was asked to run a one-off mouse guard session for some friends who have never roleplayed before. What fun!

I found the existing character sheets a bit overwhelming, so I stripped out everything to do with character progression (since it was a one off) and made the bits that would give players the best roleplay cues (the traits, the beliefs and the picture) as big as possible. Here’s the result:

I also decided to make some custom dice for the game and set about designing those. I designed some mouse portraits for the success sides (with a gnarled veteran mouse for the 6) and left the coward sides blank, to keep things as simple as possible. I then printed the designs on sticky paper and attached them to blank dice. Here’s the result:

If these bits are useful to anyone, you can find the photoshop master files here, along with some more samples and all the fonts used in the mouseguard RPG book!

Great job! Really well done.

I will say, as a player I’d be disappointed I couldn’t advance my skills mid-game, especially while flying exponents of “2”