Online Character Sheet

I’m contemplating making an online character sheet that would import .char files from Charred Black, or allow people to input existing characters and provide an interface to calculate and track everything from tests and progression to helping dice and equipment.

I have a couple questions for the community:

  1. Are you happy with your current BW character sheet?
  2. Which character sheet do you currently use, and what do you like about it?
  3. What would you like to see on your character sheet that isn’t currently implemented well?
  4. Do you currently use pencil and paper? Would you be interested in keeping a digital copy, or do you prefer a physical one?

My group currently uses google docs as our Character Sheets, which is really functional, but also stripped down and a bit ugly. I know that a lot of people use various versions of the BW PDFs and that there are even some editable ones that do some calculations for you. Another popular option a few years ago was Roll20 and their BW character sheet templates. I always found Roll20 to be really clumsy - do people still use it?

I appreciate any feedback - I have some time for the project next week, so any design input I get before starting is much easier to integrate!

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I use a wiki based character sheet

We have a custom branch of Charred for outputting wiki text for that sheet

I think most of my group would just give up on tracking advancement if we didn’t have a digital character sheet, so more accessible character sheets would definitely have benefited us.

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