Online Mouse Guard Game!

I would actually enjoy switching out for the GMing. I love GMing, but I also want to try out my character. If you want to do it all that would be fine though. I was wanting to see someone else GM so I could get ideas.

I’m pretty sure you’re 8 hours behind me Ice. If that’s true, then my Sunday night would be your Sunday noon.

My little brother would love to play, but I don’t know if he’d be able to chat. (Talking to strangers and all that) He’s only 12, and his character is a patrol leader so I don’t know if it would be wise to have a 12 year old leading the patrol, but it may work out down the road. I’m sure we’ll bring him in for one mission and see how it goes.

So far, it looks like Thurston will be the diplomat and Keaton will be the mouse who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty so to speak.

I thought Thurston’s first instinct was fine. Remember, if your instinct and belief match, your character will be 2 dimensional.

I’m glad to hear you want to GM. I doubt if you’ll pick out any new ideas from me, though, since I figure you’ve got more game time than I have. Still, I hope it’s okay with you if I GM? Maybe we can “swap” after a month or two (or if I do so badly nobody has fun), would that be cool?

Can’t your bro come up with a new character? How is he in terms of roleplaying? It doesn’t matter if he’s younger than us and plays a more experienced guardmouse, if he can pull it off, he’s doing an excellent job of enjoying the hobby! Regarding chatting (voice/text) online, well, you’ll be there with us too, so unless he talks to anyone else besides me and MadDrB, I don’t think you have much to worry about. In any case, we can have him as a guest any time. :smiley:

The more I read about Thurston’s instinct, the more it seems okay. I would appreciate a shorter, more direct statement about his Belief though.

Belief: United by the infallible Mouse Guard, all mice in the Territories will stand stong together, and we shall sing new songs of old heroes to swell the spirit & forge a new era for all mousekind.

(Thurston is young & idealistic, convinced of the rightness of the guard while secretly fearful of another Weasel incursion & war, unsure of his own courage in the face of true adversity–he’s something of an unofficial PR man for the Guard, convinced Gwendolyn can do no wrong. This should invite some inner character conflict as well as some friction between the Guard & individual communities which he thinks should submit more completely to the authority of the MG.)

if there are still open spots im interested if itis not on Friday nights, also i dont have a webcam (sorry n a rush while posstin this didnt get to read the whole conversation) im young bt i have some experience (my friday nights are other MG games) i like playing a tenderpaw but have actually playe a patrol leader even thoug young (:smiley: had tosay that Twice) also, would this be via skype?

I’ve been like that fidgety kid in the back of class eagerly throwing his hand up in the air saying, “Oo! Oo! Pick me! Pick me!” but no one could hear me because I didn’t have permission to post in the forum. I finally got that resolved (by creating a new account) and here I am! So, “Oo! Oo! Pick me! Pick me!”

I can’t get my head around all the different timezones. My suggestion would be to have everyone list their times available in GMT time to better sync up everyone’s schedules. I am free most evenings during the week, though the Wednesdays in November are out. My times of availability are:

Monday through Friday: 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

It may be that if enough folks are interested but the schedules don’t all mesh out, we can divide up into several groups.

Though I do already have a tenderpaw all statted out, I am happy to play in whatever role is needed.


First post updated, please check it out!

Mirado and Rikono, thanks for your interest. However, please confirm that you can play at the schedule I posted. Also, Rikono, if you can, I’m waiting on your character.

Okay, I won’t be making it for the wednesday time. Wish I could.

I’m available the following times:
0300-0700 GMT Sunday-Tuesday
0300-0900 GMT Friday
2200-0700 GMT Saturday

Note I am being very liberal with these times. I can do anything in this time period, nothing outside of it. I have a job so noons for me are out except for on Saturdays. I hope someone has a schedule that could work with mine.

I’m pretty sure my Wednesdays are Tuesday nights for you if you’re in the USA, Twice. Either that or I need a strong dose of coffee.

I’m sorry you couldn’t make it though.

Yeah, that’s right. I was confused. Unfortunately, it would be at my bed time on Tuesday night.

I will be online on Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm local time (GMT+8). For an accurate calcuation of “my time vs. your time,” do drop by on Wednesday (Or Tuesday night for those in the USA) so we can figure out our exact time difference. Thanks!

Is it possible to game via Skype by text-chat? Is there a dice-roller program that works with Skype?

Thurston is a friendly & generous mouse, but not out of pure goodness. He plies his generosity as a way of winning people over; he rarely has the resources to buy many drinks, so the first is usually the only one he can buy. He will also share the last swallow in his canteen with a thirsty mouse, often at the expense of his own thirst; another reason for his “Thirsty” nickname. But everytime he shares a drink with a thirsty mouse he is sure to remind that mouse that it was Thurston the Poet who had been so generous. In his soul, Thurston feels small & unimportant, the second son of a simple stonemason from a provincial town. He has a gift of gab but little else to share, but he wants to be important, more so than just being a good & reliable scout for the Guard. He is not particularly strong, fast, or courageous, but he has a talent for reciting poetry & believes this talent will lead him to a special place of fame among the mice of the Territories.

Cool, I may have been wrong about the time zone thing. I’ll try to make it tonight and straighten it all out. I might be able to play on Wednesdays after all.

Excellent update on “Thirsty,” MadDrB! If I were playing D&D (or other such system), I’d know your character sucks and wouldn’t want you near me, but in Mouse Guard, it’s not all about the fighting and I’m stoked and excited, can’t wait to see how you play out your character in the game!

Twice, glad to see you may still be on.

I will be turning on my Skype at 1pm local time (GMT+8) today, which is approx. 5 hours from now. Hope to see you guys!!

Can I join with my old fur guard captain?

I’m at GMT -3:00

skype name: salsamarcos (please let me know who you are before I add you)

These young Guardmice need a wise patrol leader.

We really could use a leader and I was hopeing for three players. Hey, when are you gonna get skype Mad?

Sorry I’ve been out of contact for the last few days. I caught a nasty head cold and then followed it up with the flu!

Unfortunately, I can’t commit to Ice’s schedule. That would be 12:00AM-4:00AM local time (I’m EST).

Going back to bed now.

I wasn’t aware you’re 11 hours away from my time zone, Icy!! Guess I won’t be able to join you guys.

I had a nice chat with Twice and MadDrB last Wednesday, thanks for showing up guys! It seems that my schedule would work for both of them, though I need to hear from Twice to confirm.

I will be online again this Wednesday, same time. If anyone wants to join and confirm the time slot (my time vs. your time), feel free to drop me a chat on Skype. There’s still room for one or two more players! For Twice and MadDrB, then next agenda is the program to be used for playing, play style (chat vs voice), and some table rules. I hope to see you guys on Wednesday!

First post updated again! Please check it out! Thanks!