Online Mouse Guard Game!

I will be starting an online Mouse Guard game, and I am looking for players. This game will be bi-weekly at first, but if interest picks up and the schedules are free, it can be a weekly game. I’m hoping to start out with at least 2 players, maximum of maybe 3 or 4.

If you want to join this game, please post here and PM me a copy of your MG character and concept/history/background.

I can GM if necessary, but if anyone is willing to GM, that would be awesome as well.

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines, let’s get something started here! :wink:

Games will be on Wednesday afternoons from 1pm to 4pm GMT+8 [SIZE=“2”](0500-0800 GMT)
Current Players:[b]
-Ice = GM
Twice Born = Keaton Cold (Guardmouse) = Undecided
Kudd = (No character yet) = Undecided
MadDrB = Thurston (Guardmouse) = Confirmed Player
Mirado = Ethan (Tenderpaw) = Waiting for Confirmation
Rikono = (No character yet) = Waiting for Confirmation

Still looking for 1-2 more players as I plan to start with at least 3 players on the patrol.[/b]

I will be online on Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm local time (GMT+8). For an accurate calcuation of “my time vs. your time,” do drop by on Wednesday (Or Tuesday night for those in the USA) so we can figure out our exact time difference. Thanks!

EDIT (11-16-09): I will be online again this Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm local time (GMT+8). We now have 2 players, but the game is open to 1 or 2 more players. If you want to “test” if my game time is okay with your local time, please feel free to drop by on Wednesday. For MadDrB and Twice, this Wednesday’s topics includes the game style (chat vs type), the program we are going to use, and a little discussion on table rules and such. If all goes well, maybe we can game by next week or the week after. Hope to see you guys on Wednesday!

I am, as Ice already knows now, very interested! Hopefully more people show interest.

I may be interested in playing. I bought the rulebook but have yet to play.

Hello Jaysun. I would like to know if you are interested in playing, or not. With all due respect, I do not like “maybe”.

Twice Born, I know you have a character rolled up, care to post him or her?

Do you use Openrpg?
Or email? Play by post?
How do you play?

I’m planning on trying out a module Aramis made up for a gameing system called vassal. Me and Ice have been trying to get something started for a while. Idealy, I would like to use some kind of voice chat for table chatter(prolly skype), and the text chat with vassal for in game dialouge and just to put out the obsticals and stuff for the players. Also, we could use skype to send files to each other. I’m really open to anything though, but like Ice said, we want people who really want to play, and I would like to play with an experienced gamer or two because I’m new to the RPG world and all I’ve done so far is GM a year of Mouse Guard. Never even played, and I don’t want to be stuck GMing this whole campeign. Although, I do enjoy GMing and have had great success with it lately.

To learn more of my initial plans check out this old thread that kind of got abandonded.

Ice, I will post info on my character. I had his history and everything typed up a few weeks ago and the power went out on my macbook and I lost it all so I’m kinda dreading typing it up again.

Okay, well I will pass this time around.

Jaysun, I’m sad to see you pass. However, the patrol is always open to “guest” guard mice so if you want to play anytime, I’m sure the party can fit you in for a session or so. Just drop us a line if you can play.

Clayton, is the choice of client really important? That being said, this will be an online, real-time game (so no emails or play-by-post, though those options are always available). As Twice has said, maybe Skype for chatter and a different client for dicerolls. Since MG doesn’t need any fancy interface for tactical maps and stuff, a dice-roller and maybe a chat interface is all we really need after Skype.

So, you interested?

Twice, anything you could say about your character is okay, no pressure for novel-length, fully-fleshed backgrounds :smiley:

Also, I just got a PM from a new member, it seems we now have a 2nd player.

No maybe, just a simple yes. I am interested. FYI: i am new to the game, but have played a little 2 player action.
Schedule? (you said bi-weekly then weekly, GREAT! but times?)
I am busy this Halloween weekend, going to an all weekend costume party with people from work. So i will get my Mouse made up asap and send you a copy to look over.

Once we get a few people who are dead set, then I think it would be good to have an online voice chat to introduce our characters and discuss some campaign decisions.

Ice, sorry, my character description is already novel length, and I’m still writing. lol
It’s not that long, I’ll be done soon.

No worries, I’m looking forward to reading it. Just didn’t want you to feel pressured about fully fleshing-out your mouse. :smiley:

Check out my character here.

Excellent character there, Twice!

Kudd, looking forward to your character, but I understand this will be a busy week for all of us. Just a reminder for you to put it up when you get the time.

At this time, I am looking at gaming on Wednesday mornings or early afternoon, since that is my day off. I am at GMT+8, so tell me how that works out for you guys.

Sorry for interrupting…

If you wanna play on Vassal, I strongly advise to use Bucket of dice mod (version 1.4) - we have used it while played our campaign and it worked perfectly. Bucket has all the stuff like dices, notes etc; what is more - you can set for example a character sheet as background (in order to have easy access to rules).

And one more thing - be sure that all of you have one of newest or the same version of Vassal (3.1.12 is the newest). We had some problems with using different versions in the same time.

I think scheduling will be a problem here. If I really wanted to I could prolly be available Sunday nights, Monday nights, Tuesday nights, late Thursday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday nights. The only night where it wouldn’t work out is Wednesday and I could only do it on Thursday if it was late. I realize that my late nights are your noons and my afternoon/dinner time is your morning. Is there any way you could choose another time. My ideal times would be Sat Sun or Mon nights which would be Sat Sun or Mon mornings for you. Would any of those work out?

Thanks for the advice deckard. I’ll look into it.

Hey, I didn’t think my non-weekend gaming schedule would ever fit into anyone else’s gaming schedule, but any time after noon your time on Wednesdays would work fine for me. I’m ready to play.

That’s excellent MadDrB! Post up a character either here on in the Recruitment section so we’ll see what you bring to the table!

Twice, I can game on any other day, but I work as a Nurse so my schedule changes week-by-week. For example, if I am free on a Tuesday after noon this week, there’s no guarantee that I can play on the same time next week! At least by scheduling it on a Wednesday, which is my day off every week, we’ll have a more consistent schedule. Why isn’t Wednesday good for you?

An idealistic young mouse with a passion for song & drink.
Age: 20
Home: Shaleburrow
Fur: Brown
Rank: Guardmouse
Cloak: Green
Nature: 5 (“Use what I have when I need it.”)
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 3 (“Always buy a round of drinks for friends.”)
Circles: 3 (“I make friends easily, but lack reputation.”)
Belief: The community of mice in the Territories can be strengthened by song & poetry. The Mouse Guard is key to uniting the Territories & ushering a new golden age of Mousekind. The wisdom of older mice should be respected & their stories can be forged into new songs to inspire the younger generation.
Instinct: Always take time to share stories with other mice.
Skills: Scout 5, Haggler 4, Weather Watcher 3, Brewer 3, Orator 2, Mason 2, Acorn-wise 2, Ale-wise 2
Traits: Open-minded, Curious, Tall
Gear: Wooden pole, Reed flute

I have meetings that I go to every Wednesday and Thursday night, and they’re about the only thing I can’t drop. I’m sorry if it messes everything up. If you both are really set on Wednesday that’s fine, but I prolly won’t be able to make it. We could just pick a new time every session. I wouldn’t mind deciding at the end of the session when we’ll next meet.

Mad, loving your character. He’ll be fun to fight alongside. I’m already thinking up ways to challenge him as a GM.

What’s your character gonna be Ice? Looks like we may need a Patrol Leader.

Also, if we’re stressed for players later on I might be able to bring in my little brother. He has a pretty cool character made up that would be fun to play with. Would either of you guys be available this next Sunday night to get on skype and and try to get vassal working and decide who’ll GM the first game and stuff?

MadDrB, cool mouse! I would, however, try to distill his Belief into a shorter version. Do keep the longer one, so as to have a handle on what he really believes in, but I’d like to see a shorter one that focuses more on what’s important to him NOW (it seems like you have 3 beliefs there, so pick one). I think we can reword Instinct as well. Maybe “never pass up an opportunity to share stories”? Hmm… or your Instinct is good as written. I dunno, I find that I’m having more and more trouble with the English language as of late.

Twice, I understand regarding your meetings. Can your little brother play? I can do the “talk about when we’ll next meet at the end of the session” concept, but I’d prefer a set schedule if we can. It’ll raise less issues with the wife, you see (but honey, Wednesday afternoon is my game time!), hehehe.

Sunday night would be Monday morning for me, I can’t. I’m on the morning shift until Tuesday. I’ll be leaving my Skype on when I’m online though, so look for me when you’re online.

I wasn’t planning to make a character; I was thinking since I was getting this game organized, I was going to have to GM it. I also have another reason for wanting to GM — I’m new at GM-ing and I want to sharpen my skill. I GM for my family and I want to do a better and better job and I figure gaming with experienced gamers would help me refine my “technique.” So unless anyone wants to GM badly, I figure I’ll be taking this role.