online playing- help!

i dont get how to use the virtual tabletops described on page three under online play. can somenoe help me?

i downloaded glittercomm but have no idea how to use it

Step 1: Do you have players? If not, the rest is pretty much a waste.

Step 2: Decide how to play the game
• Video Conference
• Voice Chat Conference
• Text Chat
• Play by Post/Email

Step 3: Decide on dice method
• Trust players to local roll
• Have players video their live roll
• Use a Dice Server
• Use a built-in-to-chat-client roller
• GM rolls all dice.

Step 4: handouts
• none
• deliver via email
• deliver via web
• deliver via chat client
• deliver via whiteboard software

Step 5: Maps
• No maps
• Reference maps by web
• Online maps via a mapserver & client

Step 6: Pick software to match

If you want text chat, built in die-roller and handouts, and map system, you have several to pick from. GRIP is well known, but commercial.

Voice chat, you have Skype and several others that can do it, but you’ll need a dice server and means of distributing maps.

Text chat and handouts: you can use any of several IM programs; IRC is popular, and several IRC clients have die-rollers

step 1: i was gonna ask for players by pming here… dont know if it would work
step 2: glittercomm has text chat
step 3: on page 3 of this topic there is a thread called online play, an online dice roller is suggested there, we could use that
step 4: none
step 5: i dont know, there are maps on glittercomm but i dont know if mouse guard needs any.
step 6: i downloaded glittercomm, to see what this vt thing was, i dont know which one would work best

since I’ve never heard of glittercomm til your prior post, I can’t help on that.

But keep in mind, pagination on BBS’s is not constant. Use links, rather than “page numbers” since the latter are not even guaranteed to be the same for any two users.

That online die roller is pretty sweet.

ok… ummm heres the link

which vt do you suggest? or should i use skype? on skype i dont have a webcam so…