Opposing, Yet Required, Character Traits.

While burning up a Noble War Wizard (NOBLE: Born, Arcane Devotee, Lord, > PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER: Wizard of War), I noticed that while Arcane Devotee requires Base Humility, Wizard of War requires the Arrogant trait as well.
Although this would speak well of the noble child, humbled by the responsibility of his new found power who through the years has grown into an arrogant Lord of death and destruction, it is difficult for me to get a play balance on both traits coexisting.

Any thoughts on being humble in your arrogance, or arrogant about your humility?

Think Nick Carraway from the Great Gatsby. Well, the novel at least. Didn’t catch the movie, so I can’t speak to how well that part of the character got adapted.

You show Base Humility to your master and others superior to you in power (at least until you can slip a knife into their backs and steal their secrets for your own). You are arrogant beyond belief when it comes to your lessers.

Kylo Ren comes to mind.

People are complicated.

I’m thinking of being very polite and reserved in speech and everyday activities, while overbearingly hostile and arrogant (hinging on overconfident) in conflicts and battles.

Would that be an acceptable portrayal of this particular set of character traits?

There’s no acceptable or unacceptable with traits.

Worse case scenario I personify one and mold break the other.