Oppressed Orcs

Ran a session 0 last night for a new campaign. The premise of the campaign is that a series of events has led to the near-collapse of the orc community in their cavern. A mass poisoning nearly killed all the orcs, an unanticipated attack by Elves into the cavern killed or maimed all of the Great and Black leadership, and the recent discovery of infertility and stillbirths among the breeders has led the community to desperation.

In this unstable situation, orcs that would normally have no choice but to work within the machinery of their society (read: low lifepath orcs) are starting to question their roles and consider potential alternatives. The Whipmaster is the last orc with any real authority desperately trying to quash dissent.

The players decided to play the last fertile female orcs who are hiding their fertility for fear of being enslaved as breeders. They are a cutter slave who has had contact with a Great Spider and is curious to learn more, the last surviving competent miner who misses being anonymous, a Goblin who yearns for freedom but fears losing the masochistic pleasures of the lash, and a Digger Slave who wants to install her brother in power before finding a better place for her brood.


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