Optional Lanterns

While considering lanterns in another tread, I came across image of lanterns fueled with candles instead of oil.

I’m sure there’d be room for such in Torchbearer, yes?

Still only enough light for 1 person, but offers protection from elements. It’s the same size as a lantern, but candles are cheaper and you can carry more of them.

You still can’t carry it on your belt, though!

What about on your head?

The candle lantern was actually the most common type of lantern in the medieval period. The glass and metal things that we normally think of are actually an 18th century invention, though da Vinci invented an oil lamp that had a flame enclosed in a glass tube that was placed inside a water-filled globe. Supposedly it burned more steadily than normal oil lamps and produced better illumination because of the diffusion of the light by the water.

The oil lanterns we think of are a total anachronism. But they’re classic, so they stay. Plus, fantasy. I think the major advantage of a candle lantern would be that the GM can’t extinguish it on a whim. It requires a twist.


Do you sometimes lie awake at night, wondering why and how you know these strange things you know?

All the time!