Orc Sellsword

Orc Sellsword
Class: Sellsword
Raw Abilities: Will 3, Health 5
Skills: Fighter 3, Dungeoneer 3, Scavenger 3, Scout 2, Survivalist 2, Hunter 2.
Trait: Savage
Wises: Orcish Tribe-wise or Bully-wise and one other.
Weapons: Any
Armor: Any
Starting Weapon: Dagger
Starting Armor: Leather

Orc Nature
Descriptors: Killing, Grovelling, and Tormenting

Do you despise all that is beautiful?

  • If you despise all that is beautiful, increase your Nature by 1.
  • If you are more accepting of the world than your kin, you may replace or increase your home trait with Curious or Loner.

When a Dark Lord declares his rulership of your people, do you serve him or rebel against him.

  • If you serve him, increase your Nature by 1, and decrease your Fighter by 1.
  • You you rebel against him, Nature and Fighter remain unchanged.

Do you fear the sun and wish to walk only in darkness?

  • If you fear the sun, increase your nature by 1.
  • If you brave the suns rays, replace or increase your home trait with Brave or Foolhardy.

New Home Option
Orcish Den
Skills: Laborer, Scavenger, Survivalist.
Traits: Cunning, Cruel.

Made my day.

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Neat !
however “Killing” as a descriptor for Orcish Nature may lead to some reaching…
“Murdering” may do ?


Nice Nature questions! I think the Orc Den is a bit on the nose, though. I think in order to work, we’d have to make a range of monster origin locations so as to give some depth to the choices.

Black Pits, Craggy Mountains, Foetid Swamps, Wastes and Moors, Brooding Forest, etc.

Yeah, I’m thinking of the Orc was one extra in addition to Elves, Dwarves, etc. If you made a bunch of monster classes a bunch of new locations would be great.

In my ideal world orcs would be playable and halflings wouldn’t exist.

Stay cool :cool: