Order of attack

Hi all, I wanted you all asked about order in following scenario
Person A has action Strike, person B has action block.
A will roll 5 successes. B will roll 2 successes.

I need to know order of following things

  • roll on strike
  • roll on block
  • declaration of target location by defender
  • changing target location by attacker
  • roll on armor
  • spending additional successes on higher dmg (IMS)
  • spending successes to changing target location

Also one bonus question, defender said that preferred target was head. I declared my intention to hit left leg.
Can I change my decision after roll? Can I change it if I don’t have enough successes to hit leg? What If I get only 1 additional success, will I then have to hit body?

Thank you all!

Hi @Cruor!

So, you’ve scripted a Strike in, let’s say Volley 1 Action 1, and I’ve scripted a Block in that same Volley 1 Action 1.

Order of operation is set out below:

  1. The Strike and Block rolls should be done simultaneously (BWG p433 - Simultaenous Action).
    (we both determine our Skill, add in our FoRKs, and choose whether or not to spend Artha)

  2. I (as Defender) now offer up my chosen location (BWG p465 - Defender Chooses Where He Wants to Get Hit), and I choose my head.

  3. Your 5 (Strike) Successes - my 3 (Block) successes = 2 Successes, so you hit me with a Margin of Success 2.

  4. You (as Attacker) can choose to move the location of the hit (BWG p465 - Landing the Blow), spending Margin of Success to do so (you can decide to just whack me in the head, or move to my torso for 1 success, or my leg for 2 successes).

  5. You then have to spend all remaining successes on higher damage (IMS) - you don’t get to pull your blow!

  6. I roll armour to try to negate your blow.

  7. If my armour fails, I suffer the Wound, as dictated by your weapon’s IMS.

Bonus answer: you declare that you’re hitting me (in general) rather than my leg in particular (you might tell me what you’re trying to hit, but I,as Defender, can choose to offer up my head as the primary target rather than my leg).

Once we’ve established where I’m offering up for you to strike, you can choose to change the location, or not.

You tend to get some fun decisions in this space: do you hit me where I am offering up, and do a Mark or Superb hit (depending on successes!), but deal with my armour there, or do you move it to a less armoured / unarmoured part of my body, and do a smaller Wound?


Oh great! Thank you for answer. So I roll first then spending my results to location and damage.

Thank you again :slight_smile:



It’s meant to simulate the defender choosing where they’re most exposed. E.g. if they’re not wearing a helmet they may raise their shield high, which then leaves the legs exposed. So as the attacker it would be harder (spending extra successes) to hit the head, or you can spend extra successes to just hit them harder where they’ve left themselves exposed (moving up IMS).

Basically this. Also a small decision for the defender, torso is normally 1D of extra armour, but only 1 spent success away from a limb or the head (which may have damaged armour). Whereas say they’re not wearing a helmet, well then legs are 2 successes away, but 1D less armour than torso.

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Yes! You got it.

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