Order update request

Can I get an update on my most recent order (num 3213)? The last update I received was “shipped” on 4/4. USPS tracking returns “Status Pre-Shipment Your package is on its way to a USPS facility.”

This is my first non-pdf order and I’m not sure this kind of delay is part of the normal workflow of getting orders shipped or my books went missing at some point. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks!

You’ll need to wait for @geoff or @AndyAction to weigh in officially, but those notifications are sent once the shipping label itself is printed, I believe. Actually packaging everything up and getting it in the post takes a bit longer.

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Thanks. It makes sense, but it was a bit confusing for me as a first time customer. After some research here on the forums, I gather there were lot of orders to get shipped out due to the deal on BWG, so it’s understandable. Anywho, looks like my package is in USPS hands as of today.

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Glad to hear you are tracking it, Matt! I’m noticing that the package was delivered about 20 minutes ago. Let me know if all is well (and hopefully USPS was honest with their delivery confirmation).


I got. Everything’s in good shape.

Woo! Enjoy :smiley:

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