1. In the text it is pretty clear that if your vehicle has ordnance (2)
    it gets to fire twice with its main gun. Lets say Assault Shuttle armed with “screw” gets to shoot twice with that weapon.

But the example got me confused, it seemed that it was two different weapons that had to be fired.

  1. Aprox. How many sub-weapon systems is fitting for a vehicle?

  2. In an Assault Shuttle there are two crew members. One pilot and one gunner.
    If the Shuttle gets three shot opportunities it gets to fire twice with main gun and once with subsystem. Since the gunner is making all the rolls any penalties?

  1. The example on page 550 says “another shot opportunity.” Can be with the main gun or a subsystem.

  2. Depends in the vehicle. Most will have one. Some two. Big ships will have three or more.

  3. No penalties. This isn’t CarWars.


I could soon make a faq with all these questions :slight_smile: