Oren Arbre


Stock Human
Class Magician
Will 6
Health 2
Age 17
Alignment Chaos
Parents -
Mentor -
Friend -
Enemy I don’t know her name but she had short blonde hair, wore plate and when she killed Lizard her head glowed like it was on fire and I got a bloody nose from it.
Level 1
Raiment is travel worn, muddy, patched, some leather but mostly just peasant clothes.

Concept is Oren ran away from home years ago to hang out with Lizard, this cool dude who could teach him magic and stuff. Life was good and then these people show up and they kill Lizard and his undead gang. Oren barely makes it out alive.

Home is a Remote Village

Belief is, “I’m better than anyone”

Instinct is, “Keep a cool head”

Goal is ________

Wizard’s Sight 1
Rough Hands 1
Loner 1


Arcanist 4
Lore Master 3
Survivalist 3
Scholar 2
Alchemist 2
Cartographer 2
Carpenter 2
Manipulator 2
Dungeoneer 2 (underlined)

Nature 4 (Boasts of exploits, demands rights of elder races, adventurer/brave)

Circles 1

Resources 0

Head/Worn: -
Neck/Worn: -
Hands/Worn: Gloves
Hands/Worn: -
Hands/Carried: Dagger
Hands/Carried: Lantern
Torso/Worn: Backpack (2)
Torso/Worn: Cloak
Belt/Pouch: 2D Cash
Belt/Weapon: Dagger, when not carried
Belt/Skin:Water (full)
Feet/Worn: Boots
Rope (2)
Spell supplies (3 [1 ea])
Candle (1)
Small Sack:
Travelling Spell Book
Small Sack:
2 lamp oil (2)

Spell Book
Wisdom of the Sages
Eldritch Darts
Word of Binding

Oh my. No one has dared start with a 2 Health in our home games. Let me know how that goes!

Hey Perceshea,

I like the character! Just a couple of points/questions:

  1. If you demand your rights of the elder races, either your Lore Master or your Scholar needs to be reduced by 1.
  2. How did you get two wises?

Thanks Thor. Good points, thanks. I’ve re-read the rules and am not sure how I came up with two wises. Clearly ain’t appropriate. Serves me right for doing this like five minutes at a time.

Heya. I am putting Oren in a sample party. How is he carrying those 2 small sacks (filled?). Tx!

Are small sacks only carried or stuck in packs? So, like, you could stick four, filled small sacks into a large pack and thereby double it’s space? Presumably not. This wasn’t clear to me from the text. You can’t, for example, have the sacks attached to the pack or a belt? If so, why not?

If I wasn’t allowed the two sacks, I’d ditch the lantern, extra sacks and lamp oil and just carry the spell book.

two empty small sacks fit into one small slot in your pack. Once full, they must be carried, one per hand.