Very, very few people know the truth. They know that there are things under the earth that come out to eat them, and that untold wonders are also under the surface, waiting to be found. What they don’t know is why.

The world has been “reborn” not once, not five, but sixty-three times. This is the sixty fourth iteration of the world so far.

When things get too apocalyptic or the natives become too powerful The Old Ones simply build a new one on top of it while it still lives and breathes, trapping it in Limbo. As the centuries have gone by the old worlds beneath the surface have congealed together in Limbo and can make their influence felt top-side.

I’ll have more later, including a table to generate dungeons with 2d8 with 63 options.

Here’s the rules for rolling on this table: roll a dark d8 (10’s) and a light d8 (1’s). If both dice turn up 3 or higher, roll one more time, taking both results. If both dice turn up 5 or higher, roll 3 times, taking all the results and meshing them together as you see fit.

1-1 Fire acts as water and vice versa
1-2 Mechanical dungeon. Everything is mechanical
1-3 Fruit that does… interesting… effects.
1-4 If the player says “I go forward” he goes up instead. If he says “I go back” he goes down (this can result in an Injury right off the bat).
1-5 There’s stuff to do on the floor and the ceiling. Gravity is relational to the floors, of course.
1-6 +1s to peaceful actions, -1s to aggressive actions
1-7- Beasts are capable of speech
1-8 Water heals Injured but drives one mad

2-1 +1s aggressive actions, -1s peaceful actions
2-2 Use the Health stat for Will actions, and vice versa
2-3 Every fourth action a huge gust of wind occurs- roll Health to avoid being swept away
2-4 Every failed roll (NOT an Instinct roll) summons a demon in addition to whatever else the GM cooks up
2-5 No floor, only chains hanging from the ceiling
2-6 Whenever you would get Angry take the Sick condition instead
2-7 All food and water spoils the instant you enter the dungeon
2-8 darkness reveals what light won’t

3-1 Every time you use a Trait to get checks a monster is summoned
3-2 War zone between angels and demons
3-3 Failed test (of any kind) brings a Fae, who will help you be successful- for a price
3-4 The whole dungeon is submerged- swim!
3-5 Reverse the condition track (so gain Sick first, not Hungry and Thirsty) and increase the grind from 4 to 3
3-6 Step up grind, natural light won’t work
3-7 magma is to the creatures of this dungeon as water is to us
3-8 -30 degrees is our 70 degrees

4-1 storm clouds with lightning strikes
4-2 Bright! Need darkness/concealment to move around
4-3 Failed test (not Instinct) switches the rooms around in the dungeon
4-4 The dungeon is the inside of a giant tree
4-5 Each room is a test of virtue
4-6 Water teleports you around the place
4-7 There’s a whole, terrifying, colossally sized ocean under your feet. You can walk on the water, but watch out…
4-8 The forecourts of Hell

5-1 the inside of a dead god’s mind
5-2 spirits scream restlessly wherever you go-three checks required to start camp
5-3 shattered remains of a demonic warship
5-4 The dwelling place of the nymphs, where just the sight of one Injures you
5-5 Riches that, once deposited in your sack, eat one other item per roll made
5-6 You must consume double rations/drink to get rid of Hungry/Thirsty
5-7 The Afraid condition may not be recovered from while in the dungeon/floor
5-8 You may recover from Angry, should you choose to take Afraid instead

6-1 If you help an unsuccessful check of any kind take the Angry condition
6-2 Courts of Heaven- invoking a Trait for checks will make you Sick
6-3 A dragon gladiator arena
6-4 The remains of a giant demon
6-5 Up grind from 4 to 3, anyone with the Dead condition cannot die while in the dungeon/floor
6-6 A former home of the giants
6-7 Everyone has access to arcane magic based upon their level
6-8 Everyone switches Beliefs with the guy to his left

7-1 Failure of any kind teleports you to another room
7-2 Whenever you make camp get a condition
7-3 Everything’s in black and white, and the sense of smell is eliminated
7-4 Taking a check gives you the Angry condition
7-5 what happens to one happens to all, regardless of location… or sense
7-6 Every time the party rests the dungeon layout changes
7-7 The Lord of the Fae challenges anyone who fails any Will (or Will-based) test
7-8 No stairs anywhere where they should be.

8-1 spirits of the recent dead haunt the place
8-2 home of evil genies
8-3 Black ooze attacks anyone with the Afraid condition
8-4 A poisonous fog is present that increases with each rest
8-5 A jungle of nightmares
8-6 Sand eats flesh
8-7 Statues that move to attack you- should you blink
8-8 Wild dungeon- roll two more times, add both results in

These table results are LOOSE suggestions. Some tell you locales, some give you rules to add into the dungeon. If you roll the same number twice in a roll subtract 1 from the second roll. When you make a dungeon, roll as indicated above and come up with your structure. I suggest that you start with one-floor dungeons and, should the players want something larger, you make the second floor have a completely new set of properties. The reason for this is simple: I believe that dungeons are our exploration of the world and are an attempt to go back to the days of childhood, when nothing was certain. When in doubt, break the norm, make things weird and unsettling. Make the Town Phase a true treat, if a bit alienating, simply because the dungeon you made was so ****ing insane!

Don’t forget to put in good hints… I trust you to be fair with the table :stuck_out_tongue:

The Church Triumphant

The Church’s philosophy is very simple: the world is a testing ground. Go and test yourself. And yet, what’s the one thing they don’t do? Destroy the darkness. Oh sure, they protect the towns, but they certainly won’t journey out into the wilds after anyone.

There are 7 24 hour days, with a 4 hour day (named Churute) instead of a leap year day. Each Churute is considered The Day of Victory, where the soldiers bring back any monsters they may have found skulking around, in, or under, the town. Usually it’s just kobolds or a stone spider, but sometimes the Victors bring back something really major. These monsters are brought to The Day of Victory and are killed by members of the town. The blood that’s spilled is then offered to the Lords of Law in thanksgiving for anothe week of withstanding the darkness. Criminals who warrant the death penalty are also offered up in the same way. A short liturgy is then offered to the Lords of Law, and everyone goes to bed, since Churute happens in the middle of the night.

The Lords of Law (also known as the Immortal Lords) are being whose being was infused by the Astral Sea in the sky. They ARE the Astral Sea, so to speak. As time goes on their individuality fades as another Lord begins to be formed. It’s not unheard of for the Lord of Mercy (or any other Lord) to strike down a rival whose very existence threatens to merge him with the collective.

Love the idea of Immortals in the Astral Sea. I don’t know why, but I’m picturing the Lords as constellations, and as new lords rise, old constellations are forgotten in the night sky.

Stay cool :cool:

Oh my gosh, that’s such a good idea! Thanks!

Any thoughts on that bloody table? I have Gygax, 4th edition, and Forgotten Realms to thank for sources…