Other +1s and Ties

The Scholar’s Guide (P. 32) says to break ties using +1s and +2s in a specific order: Look to Level 3 Traits, then to Might, then to gear/weapons.

I wanted to know if/where the bonus successes from level benefits like the Warrior’s Focus or the Theurge’s Righteous Fury were intended to fit into this schema.

I thought I’d also ask aboht magic items as well. Normally, I’d chuck them into gear/weapons, but since bonus dice from magic is privilged in Beginner’s Luck, I thought I’d ask.


I would treat Focus and Righteous Fury as gear/weapons. They add +s to actions in conflicts like weapons do and there are other level benefits that increase Might, like Demonslayer.

As for magic items, a Girdle of Troll Might or Giant’s Blood potion increases Might, so that’s where their effects slot in. A Dragon’s Breath potion provides a weapon, so its +2s Attack would be considered gear/weapons.

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Thanks, Thor. That helps!

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