Other diffuse powers like seasons

I got an idea the other day. What do you think, is season like the only diffuse power to give a strength like ‘‘Winter 7’’ or could that method also be used for for example city states and their influence areas or maybe a certain family’s forefathers? I got the idea when we game mastering our second mouse guard hack campaign. In this campaign the characters are roman officers in occupied Greece and are traveling and moving troops. As well as fighting the season to get somewhere they might have to fight different regions and maybe in different ways.

Could it be a good idea to for example set ‘‘Athens and surroundings 4’’ and ‘‘Sparta and surroundings 6’’. This would represent their overall tendency to giving problems, sometimes it would be ‘‘bandits’’ (a k a The Resistance) or it could be merchants withholding food or selling at higher prices and so on.

Should one even hand the regions like an animal and give them characteristics, maybe Athens has characteristics like bureaucracy and walking the middle way while Sparta maybe has characteristics like withholding food and guerrilla ambushes?

Or should one specify more exact troubles like ‘‘Merchants selling at higher prices’’ or ‘‘Ambush’’?

The forefathers of a family I feel should certainly have characteristics (Stubborn, foresighted, traditional, stuff like that). Why I’m thinking in these terms with the is because they mostly move in discrete and mysterious ways.

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