Other Races?

I don’t have the MoBu, but was wondering if anyone had done some good work on other standard fantasy races that players play. Was just looking to look at some other folks thoughts.

Thanks again.

I whipped up a set of three Beastkin races (Centaur, Minotaur, Satyr) that use the same lifepaths, inspired by the Cloven Kingdom stuff on the wiki. It’s not 100% finished, but it seems to be working fairly well so far in play. I have a player with a Minotaur in my current campaign. It still needs a lot of little tweaks to the lifepath numbers, a bunch of stock-specific traits, and some actual description and obstacles for the new skills and spells.

Really, it’s not too hard to do. For a major race like Dwarves, Elves, or Humans, I’d say pick four base settings (ie for Humans, peasant, village, city, and noble are the four primary settings; seafarer is also a setting but it’s not really emphasized) and list out a dozen or two potential lifepaths in that setting, just by name. Then make another three to four subsettings (for Humans, court, soldier, religious, and outcast are the major subsettings) and list out another dozen-ish potential lifepaths in those. It’s fine to duplicate lifepath names between related settings and subsettings. For a minor race (wolves, trolls), you can get away with two major settings and two major subsettings, each with half a dozen or less lifepaths in them.

Once you’ve got that, just reference the Character Burner and use that as a guideline for statting out your first few lifepaths. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. You still have to write up an age chart, special traits, and such, but the lifepaths are both the longest and the most fun (IMO) part of the process. Or just buy the MoBu; it’s a good deal if you plan to include high fantasy stuff like additional races, homemade monsters, and the like. Plus the four new stocks are all awesome in their own ways.

Thanks much for your thoughts Zurai.